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Here, seven elite athletes share tips for tackling cold-weather workouts for a stronger mind and body.

Buffalo Bills Tre Buffel shirt

Go for an activity you genuinely enjoy—be it skiing, cycling, or running—which makes heading into the Buffalo Bills Tre Buffel shirt Also,I will get this deep chill that much easier. If you’re new to a sport, tone key muscles ahead of time to avoid injury. For surfing, for example, Santa Cruz, California–based Chelsea Woody, cofounder of Textured Waves, recommends strengthening your core at home first. “Burpees are a great way to emulate the popping-up motion on your board,” she says. Or hop on an Indo Board to work on balance and stability. For cross-country skiing, try running with the poles so you can get used to the motion, says Kikkan Randall, an Olympic cross-country skier based in British Columbia, Canada.

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