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“Fashion had always drawn me to it by its ability to tell stories, but I think over the Daddy Bear shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this past decade, we’ve lost the ability to listen to stories through fashion,” he says. “When fashion is truly at its best, it’s about transporting people, and writing became a perfect place for me to do that.”

Daddy Bear shirt

Stuart wrote Shuggie Bain over 10 years, its long gestation period due in part to the Daddy Bear shirt but I will buy this shirt and I will love this difficulty of finding time to write outside his high-pressure day job. Still, he describes it as a process not dissimilar to therapy; his first draft, brimming with childhood memories, was 900 pages long. “I was working all day, but whenever I had any spare time, all I wanted to do was write,” he says. “My idea of absolute heaven was being on a long-haul flight to China and suddenly having 16 hours where my team couldn’t get in touch with me. I could just sit and sort of fold myself into this book. I ruined many a summer holiday by asking my husband to go somewhere and then sitting at a desk the whole time,” he adds, laughing.

Daddy Bear s Hoodie

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