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Since the Official Lip Bee sweet shirt Furthermore, I will do this launch of Minnow Swim—a contemporary children’s swimwear label that’s all about clean lines and simple details—back in 2016, Vassar has always been an eager supporter of Smith’s work. “Laura was one of the very first people to see samples of Minnow before I even started the brand,” Smith recalls. “Her stamp of approval meant so much to me as I greatly admired her strong vision for Brock and impeccable eye.” Smith and Vassar always wanted to work together, so when the Minnow team received art files for suit patterns and prints from Brock this past fall, they leapt into production in order to ensure the collection was ready in time for spring. “We found some rare and beautiful prints from French and Italian mills that we work with, and designed a fanciful, fairy-tale-like children’s swim collection in faded florals,” Vassar explains. “We are so thrilled with the end result!” And while the prints are international, all of the production is done here in the United States. “Just 20 minutes away from where Laura and I grew up!” Smith adds, bringing everything full circle.

Official Lip Bee sweet shirt

While being cooped up inside for #StayHome and dealing with the Official Lip Bee sweet shirt Furthermore, I will do this anxieties and uncertainties that come with the coronavirus, sticking to your normal routine, getting in your daily workouts, and eating right can be difficult. To stay sane (and relaxed) during this time, you’ve most likely resorted to pajamas, sweatpants, or leggings instead of crisp shirtdresses, jeans, or your usual full office attire. But just because we’re spending time inside and leaning into loose-fitting loungewear doesn’t mean we can’t still feel confident while getting dressed for staying at home—and that starts with a great set of lingerie.

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