Ice Cube Today Was Good Day Shirt

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My mom called me yesterday, and she begged me—begged me—not to go to work, Villavicencio says. She said, ‘Please, tell them I’m sick. Tell them you’re sick. Tell them you can’t go. They’re going to need doctors when this is over, and I can’t lose you.’ And I was sobbing because it’s not easy for me to go to work—I’m scared. I’m scared of hurting my family. I’m scared of hurting my husband. I’m scared of hurting other people. But I got into medicine because of my desire to help people, and I specifically got into obstetrics and gynecology and abortion caregiving because it’s a moral duty, she continues, her voice cracking. I am compelled by the Ice Cube Today Was Good Day Shirt deepest part of my soul to help people in times of need. And right now, like always, people need abortions.

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