If you’re running with me be prepared to walk shirt

I went to the hotel manager who had hired me all If you’re running with me be prepared to walk shirt years ago and who had also been retained by the new owners. She was dismayed and apologized to me. The new owners had decided to lease out the restaurant space to some young guys who insisted that the pub be part of the deal. They had agreed to interview all the current staff and keep as many on as possible. They had also agreed to keep the deal quiet until my boss could tell us about it. They would not admit that they had already replaced me, so I found myself in an interview. I told them I knew they had already hired their buddy and that I had no hard feelings towards them. I offered to give them tons of computer files – promotional stuff like posters for every conceivable event and holiday throughout the year, templates for sports pools, menus for Super Bowl and the like. They still refused to admit that they had already hired their friend and turned it all down. I didn’t deserve to learn that I had lost my job through the grapevine, nor did I deserve to be lied to about being replaced without so much as a meeting, but it put me into my Engineering Design and Drafting course one year earlier than planned and launched a rewarding career. For DiAngelo, acting less white means “less aggressive, less oppressive” which is about as racist as it gets. As if ALL white people are oppressive or aggressive as a character trait of their race. For a woman that teaches diversity training, she failed big time. One does not teach diversity by assuming people unlike herself are racist, and then being MORE racist than they supposedly are. People are getting fed up with labels, and are reacting to hypocrisy with anger. They merely want the name-calling and assumptions to end from people who smugly pronounce judgement on others.If you’re running with me be prepared to walk shirt

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