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“I know so many people who’ve gone on Clubhouse dates,” says Charlotte Broukhim, an active Clubhouse participant who hosts panels multiple times per week. Broukhim has used the app to match her newfound Clubhouse contacts with her IRL friends, and has observed situations like Reid’s, where individuals meet in non-dating related discussion rooms, enjoy chatting, and later connect through a different platform—Clubhouse does not yet have a direct messaging feature.

Fathor like a dad but way cooler shirt

“The connections have the chance to be a little bit deeper, because you’re getting to know each other through conversation,” Broukhim says. If Instagram is image-forward, and Twitter is dependent on clever quips, Clubhouse is maybe closer to “real” life, where people, you know, get to know each other by talking. This new wave of audio-only romance also exists in contrast to dating apps, where a series of photos and statistics (height, job, age) come before any sort of conversation—plus, there’s no endless swiping.

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Indeed, while not its intended purpose, Clubhouse may soon rival traditional dating apps. Now is the perfect time for it—the pandemic has only intensified virtual dating, especially among millennials and Gen-Z. Lindsey Metselaar, the 30-year-old host of the dating podcast “We Met At Acme,” is not surprised by Clubhouse’s new use, noting even payment apps like Venmo can become places where couples meet. “I think anything can be a dating app if you try hard enough,” she said.

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