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Such a sentiment marks just how far she has come in loving herself: “I used to struggle so much with just accepting myself and looking at myself and saying that who I am and how I am and how I’m presenting right now is the Teacher Mode Off Classic T-Shirt it is in the first place but truth to me, and it feels correct and it feels right,” she shares. “Today, we’re struggling so much with this idea of giving space, specifically for trans youth [who are] currently under attack. It’s disappointing that adults are using them as wedge issues in political stuff and not knowing those little intricacies of the struggles that young people, period, go through, [like] accepting themselves, and being a young person that’s also trans, trying to just navigate puberty and childhood and adolescence and all of that stuff, and trying to accept yourself in a culture that’s constantly telling you you don’t belong and we don’t want you there…so the presence of folks like Laverne Cox and MJ Rodriguez and Indya Moore and all of these amazing Black trans women, specifically in media, I think really helps elevate the lived experiences that I think a lot of people are missing in this [world].”

Teacher Mode Off Classic T-Shirt

Putting her best face forward, Mock then reaches for Milk’s creamy pigment stick—a.k.a. her “MVP” and one of the Teacher Mode Off Classic T-Shirt it is in the first place but few products she absolutely must, she notes with a smile, apply before leaving home. “I feel like blush…and bronzer…and mascara…and skin care…and everything, just wakes you up!” she says, breaking into a laugh. A high-shine duo—courtesy of Lancôme’s plumping lip gloss and Glossier’s Haloscope Highlighter, dotted down the bridge of her nose and across her cheekbones—provides the finishing touch. As for her parting words? “Be well, love yourself, take your time, be present, love your body—it’s important! Take care.”

Teacher Mode Off Classic T-Shirt hoodie


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