Joe Exotic I hate christmas caroles shirt, sweater

When we hit the restaurant Joe Exotic I hate christmas caroles shirt, sweater. So about two years later and 8 or so weekends away together for shopping and dinners out and lots of fun we’re on a trip to the outlet stores to bag some bargains. We drive to them on friday and check in to our motel and grab some take out and plan our shopping for saturday. Some years ago I went into a store to buy a tube of sun screen. While I was there I remembered also needed a couple of other items. Since I had not picked up a basket on the way in I slipped the sunscreen into my pocket to free my hands to carry the other items. When going through the checkout I forgot about the sunscreen in my pocket. I was having a baby shower and had invited a couple of the ladies from the complex, maybe three, but not her. The rest of the people there were my family. This girl came to the door with someone thinking that I’d be really nice and let her in if she was with someone else. Not so.

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