Josh Allen welcome to be Allentown shirt

My Dad was a sweet teddy bear of a man. He was big but Josh Allen welcome to be Allentown shirt. He had a wicked sense of humor, too. That all changed when dementia set in over the last few years of his life. He became a person I did not recognize. Once I realized what was happening, I built them a little house behind our home and moved them 900 miles so I could take care of them. I hadn’t realized how bad he had gotten since the last time I visited. My mom hid it from all of us. Well they moved in and NOTHING was good enough for him. Not the expensive lift chair I bought him, not the giant flat screen TV mounted on the wall in front of him, not the closet or shower or flooring, and on and on. OK, cranky old man I can handle. Then he began to get nasty with me and my mom. He screamed and ranted and cussed like a sailor at us. He even swung at me once. Eventually we had to place him in assisted living because he refused to get up and use the bathroom. I bought a chair-side commode and he refused to use it. I had to put him in diapers. Unfortunately he weighed about 100 pounds more than me and would not cooperate in changing his diaper and cleaning him up. Dementia stole my Dad and replaced him with a vile, angry stranger.

Josh Allen welcome to be Allentown shirt

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