I know I’m just a great dane but If you feel sad I’ll be your smile If you cry shirt

There are no hugs, no kisses, no sunsets, no beaches. Some are just a seat more than 1 meter. The man kindly reaches out his hand to block his wife’s seat and let her sleep peacefully. The man’s eyes are full of bloodstains, and there are bags of medicine under his feet. It can be seen that the man is very tired. If love is called sweetness together, it is the true meaning of love to walk through suffering together.

There are a number of realities about Canada that immigrants don’t realize. First is that Canada is managing Canada’s immigration system for the benefit of Canadians, not immigrants. If you can’t find a job, that’s your problem, not Canada’s. Canada is accepting so many immigrants for demographic reasons – to fund its generous social programs by having large numbers of young, well trained, hard working citizens. It is not trying to make immigrants happy, it is trying to make Canadians happy.



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