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Simply getting outside and moving can be a decent workout at first. To stay motivated, try setting goals and challenges for yourself. (The running and cycling app Strava lets you track your progress, take part in virtual races, and follow other athletes.) Corbin, for her part, focuses on strength and aerobic endurance rather than speed in winter. “On the Daddy Bear shirt and by the same token and bike, this means holding good form while riding in a bigger gear at a lower cadence,” she says. “When running, I’ll do hills and trail runs, which require you to change your gait and have agility on the snow.” With cross-country skiing, try not to burn through your energy early, says Randall. “Most people start out too fast. It’s better to hold back so you can warm up and kick into gear as you go. The trick is being soft in the ankles and floating in that position. It takes five to six sessions until you feel your body adapt, and that’s when it gets fun.”

Daddy Bear shirt

Kate Rew, the Daddy Bear shirt and by the same token and Somerset, England–based founder of the Outdoor Swimming Society, finds that “outdoor swimming is a learning journey, where through experience you discover such things as, how do you control your breath as you enter the water?” (Her top tip: “Breathe out. And then the next breath comes naturally in.”) Shorter sessions can build your cold tolerance as well, and Woody says surfing requires stamina and good judgment. “Paddling against the current is exhausting,” she says. “If you’re not careful with the tide, it could get you in trouble getting in and out of the water. I’ve seen so many folks slammed on the cliffs with broken boards in large swells because they didn’t anticipate how high the tide would be or understand how to time their exit.”

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