Let the blues open the door to the soul shirt

You don’t want your kids emotionally damaged and the Let the blues open the door to the soul shirt thing you can do is not involve the Law, unless that is the only final resort left to you, because, social Services could easily take your kids away from you and hold you responsible for why they are pregnant, because they are both minors in the eyes of the Law and are not responsible for their actions, because they did not have the sexual understanding or physical and mental growth, to know right from wrong…sort of thing (Raped). I disagree with everyone here. Find out what your daughters want to do, it is going to be their children after all, and be guided by what they decide. Find out who made them pregnant and how that person or persons are going to help them look after their kids and if you can, speak to the parents of those boys and enlist their help in the process and procedures of the pregnancy and how you are all going to manage it.Let the blues open the door to the soul shirt

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When you have all of the facts in front of you and the support from other parents to manage each pregnancy, then you can decide the best course of action for both of your daughters, with their full input, to decide which is the best course of action, for you and both of them. I am not sure if my husband is a narc or not, but he is doing the same as yours. Last few years I went along with my teenagers. This is not what I expected to be, my marriage. But I want peace. If you choose to stay with him, then there is nothing you can do. You can’t change what he is. You can change yourself. Try to enjoy your own life, put and leave him aside. But if you want to be happy and loved, you know what you should do.

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