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Saying that CO2 is bound to cause more plant growth is like saying that if you have more eggs, you can bake more cakes; that’s only true if you’ve already got all the flour, sugar, milk, and baking powder you need. Oh, and I don’t really need you to tell me to learn some biology. My degrees may be primarily in geology, but I’ve got a second baccalaureate major and a graduate minor in biology as well. I DO kinda know what I’m talking about Listen Here Bud America Deserved 9/11 Tee here. Don’t think that is a greenhouse. Amazing how you deny actual physical evidence in favor of made up bs. That is exactly the opposite of science. Also, it’s called acidification because the ocean is becoming MORE acidic even though it is still alkaline. If it’s 0 degrees and it warms by 1 degree, it’s still cold rignt? But it is warming.

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That same type of terminology applies here. Again, read some literature. The pH scale is logarithmic so even a drop of 0.1 is quite significant for many organisms. What you describe is the ocean becoming less alkali not more acidic. Your analogy should go like this, If the temperayure is 8 below zero and it warms up 1 degree are you above 0? The answer is no because zero is the threshold just like in ph where 7 is the threshold. Got it now or shall I break it down further. Yeah now I understand how you can believe in Listen Here Bud America Deserved 9/11 Tee mmcc. Water is one of 3 things where PH is concerned. It is pure which means hydrogen and hydroxide ions are equal, it is acidic when hydrogen ions out number hydroxide ions, or it is alkali, also caled base, when hydroxide ions out number hydrogen ions. There is no acidification as long as the hydroxide ions out number the hydrogen ions.