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Note also that “simple” is a relative term Marvel Deadpool I’m crazy for you Valentine’s Day shirt. If someone likes to talk about who’s first in the national league for a sport and why that team is great or what they made for dinner last night, those are conversations that are not psychologically intense or intellectually complicated. I recently had a conversation with a stranger in which he went into the latest findings in astrophysics and how that inspired him as an entrepreneur, how it affected his self-image. This guy presents as more complex. Is he? I surely don’t know. Maybe beneath that conversation about dinner, there’s a person who also reflects on his self-image and has theories about the relationship between deep-sea aquatic life and the purpose of the universe. He just doesn’t live in that complicated mental world all the time.

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Marvel Deadpool I’m crazy for you Valentine’s Day shirt

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This does not mean that the person has no mental depth or no psychological issues; it just means that it’s easy to be around them, that there’s no need to theorize about that person’s possible underlying thought or feeling processes or whether they really mean what they’re saying. To me, those things mean close to nothing. I don’t believe they’re anything more than ideas dreamed up by human brains to sort of half-assedly “explain” severely simplified and misunderstood biology. That doesn’t mean it’s not valid to have a strong personal sense of what being a man is. Not at all. That’s up to the individual. I get it. Some men want to protect their significant others, and some women want to be protected, that’s fine. However, and this is one point where I differ from Nathan Hayes, it is never one person’s responsibility to limit themselves for the sake of a relationship that regresses the freedom or personal experience of one person based on gender.


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