Maztee – Pontoon captain boat owner boating vintage shirt

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On 1 October, Clubhouse released a statement condemning anti-Blackness, anti-Semitism, hate speech and abuse, and followed up with a list of guidelines and rules it intends to implement. This includes allowing moderators to block, report and mute in-house rooms and investigating violations immediately.

Pontoon captain boat owner boating vintage shirt

Clubhouse has received some backlash over alleged leniency with harassment protocols and failure to moderate rooms appropriately. The New York Times writer Taylor Lorenz publicly denounced the chat-based platform when she found herself a talking point in one of the rooms.

Pontoon captain boat owner boating vintage hoodie

iPhone users can download the app from the Apple store and reserve a username. However, as it is still in beta testing, its exclusivity means you’ll be added to the waiting list unless you receive an invite via a friend or colleague. Each person gets to invite a handful of friends once their application is successful. If your interest is piqued, rest assured, Clubhouse says it will be released to the wider public very soon.

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