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When I was working in retail as a manager I was really good friends with a checker, and someone started a rumor that we were sleeping together, which was of course ridiculous as I’m half her age and she was married, it was rather underhanded that certain people would leave me alone and kept on pushing rumors about that. Now there was one more thing, I was on my lunch break at the time but she came into the store to get a light bulb and one of the other managers apparently said over the radios. This particular neighborhood where I lived one time everyone on my block was really close, physically and friendship wise, especially after the pandemic happened cause once the lock downs began we had nothing to do but sit around, drink beer and get to know each other. So it wasn’t uncommon for someone to throw a bonfire and invite a few neighbors over for a beer, even before the pandemic but especially afterwards. But I had this one neighbor who would hit on me, and when I was sober it would completely fly over my head, but looking back I can see it now. But one day I was sitting in our shared backyard having drinks with him, his wife and his mom, and his wife and mom tapped out and went to bed, and it was was me and this dude (we’ll call him Jim.)

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