Metallica Michael Myer Kill em all shirt

TOO interested and I knew something was up. Out of nowhere he asked, “Mom, do you always sleep with your bedroom door locked at night?” I swear I could only think not to change the rhythm I was scrambling in, while I tried to think of an answer. Thankfully God made the words flow instantaneously. Out came, “Why yes I do. Why do you ask?” His reply was, “I wondered because I was outside your room last night trying to break in with a knife for 2 hours.” He was so nonchalant about it, like killing me was nothing to him. Inside I was hysterically screaming in fear, but I distracted him and re-directed what I was doing and pretended like what he said made no impression on me. Later that day we searched his room, then my husband asked to see what was in his backpack. It was a hunting knife we didn’t remember my husband had inherited from his father. There were many other times he scared me, but what caught me THAT day was I was happy and the sun was shining, but a five year old with a few words shook me to my inner core, like nobody else has ever been able to do.

Metallica Michael Myer Kill em all shirt

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Yes!!!! I have a neighbor, in his mid to late 50’s, with four dogs and two cats. He walks his dogs twice a day, and they smell. You walk by his house, and you can smell his dogs, in the street. I don’t think he ever bathes them. He’s about 5’7 or 5’8”, and about 50 pounds over weight. Actually, he looks homeless. He lives with his mother, who I originally thought was his girlfriend. The mother looks young, and he looks older. He’s a nice man, always says hi, and stops and chats, if I see him.I’m on the Nextdoor, neighborhood watch app. One day I see his photo, and he wrote a comment about something. I click on his bio, on the app, and read his credentials. This guy, is a rocket scientist, has more letters after his name, and a published author, on the subjects of, space and politics. I then google his name, and it goes on and on, regarding his illustrious space career. I couldn’t believe it.

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