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There was a time when I was more giving. More accurately, I was less selective about how and to whom I gave. I was letting a friend come to our house once a week to do his laundry because the Milwaukee Bucks Wisconsin world Champs shirt moreover I will buy this machines at his apartment were broken. During his last visit, this dude told me my disability isn’t real. The following week, he couldn’t figure out why I’d changed my mind about him doing his laundry here. I was working full time and both of my girls were in the after school care program at their elementary school. I would pick them up at 5:45, make the 30-minute drive home, and S would immediately jump out of the car, run inside, and poo. I worried about her holding her BMs all day in school and tried to talk to her about it, but she didn’t care: pooing was for the home only, and that was that. I did, however, pack an extra set of undies in her backpack just in case she couldn’t hold it all day and had an accident. As we were driving home, the car started to smell like poop. I asked S if she had another accident, and she said “No, mommy,” but the smell of poop was slowly getting stronger until I was gagging and had to open the windows to get some of the smell out. When we got home, we got out of the car and the kids dropped their backpacks inside and went to get ready for dinner.

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I opened both backpacks to remove and clean the girls’ lunch bags, and when I opened S’s pack, the smell of poop jumped out at me like an angry tiger released from a cage. I took a look in the big compartment of the pack but nothing was amiss. Then I opened the small zipper compartment and found my daughter’s dirty underpants in a plastic Ziploc bag. And the poop was in the bag, too! The next day when I dropped the girls off for school, I found Ms. L and asked her why she put the poop in S’s backpack and why she didn’t tell me it was in there, and she snidely informed me that it’s not her job to clean up poopy messes. I completely understand that, but why not just flush the poop? Or tell me that she put the poop in the backpack so I would at least be aware? I would think it’s important to inform someone when you send a log of shit home with their kid. But she just repeated that it’s not her job to clean up accidents and that my kid needed to learn to use the potty when she had to poop. I get it – it must suck to have to deal with kids when they poop their pants. And yes, S should have been using the toilet wherever she was when she had to poo, and my kid’s toilet anxiety doesn’t mean a hill of beans to anyone else but me and my husband.

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