Minnesota Vikings Kickoff 2020 shirt

When your playlist strikes all the right chords, your body can go on a physiological joyride Minnesota Vikings Kickoff 2020 shirt. Your heart rate increases. Your pupils dilate. Your body temperature rises. Blood redirects to your legs. Your cerebellum mission control for body movement—becomes more active. Your brain flushes with dopamine and a tingly chill whisks down your back. Research shows that’s because music stimulates an ancient reward pathway in the brain, encouraging dopamine to flood the striatum—a part of the fore-brain activated by addiction, reward, and motivation. Music, it seems, may affect our brains the same way that sex, gambling, and potato chips do. Strangely, those dopamine levels can peak several seconds before the song’s special moment. That’s because your brain is a good listener it’s constantly predicting what’s going to happen next. 

Minnesota Vikings Kickoff 2020 shirt

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Music and dance are related because music is what people dance to. Dancing without music is sometimes just a move. They can enhance each other if the dancer applies the right moves at the right time for the music. Music gives dancers energy and feelings inside or sometimes gives them a way out of people to express themselves. All of that crap fits into that one category. The fact that the average listener – utterly ignorant of any music training or theory whatsoever – nevertheless feels not only qualified but human-right-empowered to pass edict-like judgment on music categories – doesn’t make their conclusions and pronouncements correct or of any value greater than the air issuing from their music-opinionated mouths. It depends on where you are and where you want to be. I suggest that you know what state you want to experience or achieve, then follow a recipe to get there. For example a state of connection with the earth, then you need to be on the beach or in the forest with bare-feet and a massive sound system.

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