Miskatonic University Cthulhu R’lyeh Wgah’ Nagl fhtagn estd 1922 shirt

I grew up in a family that divorced. It caused me a lot of issues growing up and I ended up in many rocky relationships in which I wasn’t treated right. Last summer I became best friends with someone during a shift. Any time i’d see him i’d automatically crack a smile because I knew he was going to say something funny. He did the same for me. I was the bosses daughter at the time and he was a new hire. We were both at the same rank – I just had been there longer.

When I went back to my college in Dekalb, IL.. he went back to his in Michigan. We were pretty far away but we kept in touch through various social media apps. At the time, he would give me advice about a guy that I was “seeing”.. (sleeping with) and I would give him advice about a girl he was dating that happened to be a little too much for him to handle. They broke up and I told him I would take his tinder pictures for him over break.

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