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MacDowell: Rainey and I are real homebodies. We have a new appreciation for any kind of social interaction because before, we would not always be super excited about going out all the time. Now, we’re both apologizing for our past lack of gratitude for just the opportunity to get to see people. We’re slightly introverted, but we’re both really excited to be extroverts. It’s a transformation in how you perceive things. A greater sense of gratitude, and recognizing what it means to be social, and just to have the opportunity to be with people.Qualley: Never again will I perceive a party as a burden! But fashion, to me, is a form of self-care. It’s a form of respecting and valuing yourself.

Official Stand With Alex signature shirt

Qualley: Mom has been gone for the past few months, so we haven’t actually been together all that much, but we’ve been in touch constantly on the phone, FaceTime and texting. Regardless of where we are, we can still take care of one another and be there for one another. I’m always able to depend on my mom, and rely on her to make me feel safe and comforted. That’s been special, to be able to work on staying connected when we can’t actually be together.

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MacDowell: She’s been a great resource for me, because I spend so much time alone and Covid has been very isolating. Even though I was working, we didn’t really get to communicate because we were so busy. It’s hard to be by yourself all the time, and Rainey understood that. She’s really considerate and kind and recognizes my loneliness and knew how important it was to call me. A lot of kids don’t call you. My son…Qualley: Okay, but they’re great too! Mom, you love all your children equally.MacDowell: I love all my children equally, but you’re more dependable. Sorry, they know that! Rainey is the soft and generous one in the family, for all of us. It’s the truth.

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