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“Perfection is everything to Anne Bass,” wrote André Leon Talley in a 1988 paean to the Happy Hallobee Halloween shirt in other words I will buy this philanthropist and balletomane who has died this week at the age of 78 following a long illness. But can you begrudge the Cuomos these moments of levity? One is in his basement, cut off from his family, wondering how sick he will get. The other has to hold a press briefing every day to announce to the public the rising death tolls in his state and warn that even more terrible days lie ahead. Is it any wonder they need a little comic relief? Born in Indianapolis to a distinguished surgeon, Anne Hendricks studied art history and Italian literature at Vassar, and in 1965 married her college sweetheart Sid Richardson Bass, whose family built a Texas oil fortune and subsequently diversified into investments that included, in the early 1980s, the Walt Disney Company, of which they were then the biggest shareholders. The couple had two daughters, Hyatt, a novelist, and Samantha, a photographer.

Happy Hallobee Halloween shirt

The soft-spoken Anne had antebellum manners, great cultural curiosity, a “Midwest work ethic that shapes her persistence and sense of duty,” as Vogue noted (she once confided that her childhood reading was primarily biographies of “women who were pioneers—Clara Burton, the Happy Hallobee Halloween shirt in other words I will buy this student nurse who went to the trenches, and Agnes de Mille”), and, lurking perhaps unsuspected beneath the very highly polished veneer, a streak of wry humor. Although she rose to social prominence on the Manhattan scene in the glittering 1980s, Anne was always distinguished by her lack of ostentation and her quiet, under-the-radar philanthropy.

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