Never too cold for iced coffee 2021 shirt

Granted, I did spend a very cool week in northern Minnesota the last week of September (average high around 50) Never too cold for iced coffee 2021 shirt, but that was at the tail end of a typically wonderful summer where, unlike most of the country, we did not need to jog between air-conditioned cars and buildings. Autumn in Minnesota is delightful and is guaranteed to have at least two weeks where all the locals bask in what is labeled (politically incorrectly), “Indian Summer.” The oaks and maples are in full fall colors and various types of hunters are taking to the woods, fields, and lakes. We will in all likelihood have a Thanksgiving where temperatures are just above freezing and a Christmas a month later when the lake ice is thick enough to skate and walk on but too thin to support a heavy vehicle. 

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Never too cold for iced coffee 2021 shirt

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January is the cold month, even if we experience no polar vortex. It is the month when a lot of natives schedule a week or weekend in Naples, Florida, or Arizona. Houses and businesses are toasty warm and natives who tough it out are sweating as they ski, skate, or snowmobile. By February, the most severe stretches are over. It will still be cold, but not oppressively so. March is melting time and can offer more snow than the rest of the winter. By April and May, we are blessed with the optimism that comes with longer and warmer days. It is all part of the cycle that most Minnesotans love enough to stay. I have several friends, former Texans or Californians, who have retired here and plan to stay. They have realized what most Minnesotans do: the weather is just a conversation piece but no impediment to the good life that we all enjoy. I have lived in seven states and none of them enjoy weather that is any more desirable than this northern state with its 10,000 lakes, skyways, and four distinct seasons.


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