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This time around, of course, Garland’s appearance before the Free Britney Shirt But I will love this Senate Judiciary Committee is not to debate his worthiness as a Supreme Court nominee but for the Senate to decide whether it will confirm him as President Joe Biden’s nominee for attorney general. Critically, Garland’s fate will rest with a Democrat-controlled Senate thanks to those two Georgia runoff races in January, avoiding the obstructionist tactics of former majority leader Mitch McConnell, the architect of his nomination’s demise in February of .

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In his opening statement, Garland did not refer to that disappointment of , when McConnell kept the Free Britney Shirt But I will love this seat created by the death of Antonin Scalia open until Donald Trump won that year’s election and ultimately named Neil Gorsuch to the court. Garland did, however, make an oblique reference to the politicization of the Justice Department during the Trump yearsparticularly under the helm of Attorney General William Barrsaying that period of the department’s history would come to an end under the Biden administration.

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