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As Levine wrote, Bruising confirmation fights can often lead to breakout moments for senators. Now Vice President Kamala Harris rose to national prominence thanks in part to her incisive questioning of former President Donald Trump’s nominees. So far, Hawley has voted against every one of Biden’s cabinet nominees, but neither he nor Cruz, Cotton, or Sasse have yet indicated which way they are leaning on Garland.

I love the 80's shirt

Well, it’s yet another snowy pandemic Friday, which means it’s time to try to pump some small hit of serotonin into our brains by rewatching the I love the 80’s shirt What’s more,I will buy this rom-coms that delighted us in our youth. Today’s installment is a little film by the name of A Walk to Remember , whichand I don’t mean to issue any spoilers hereis a lot more religious than I remembered. Let’s dive in, shall we

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