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Garland, , a Chicago native who attended Harvard University and Harvard Law School, clerked on the I love hot moms shirt Besides,I will do this Second Circuit Court of Appeals and then for Supreme Court Justice William Brennan. Garland later served as special assistant to Attorney General Benjamin Civiletti during President Jimmy Carter’s administration between to . In , after several years in private practice, Garland was appointed deputy assistant attorney general in the Justice Department’s Criminal Division under the Clinton administration. The next year, Garland was made principal associate deputy attorney general, a role that ultimately included prosecuting domestic terror threats like the Oklahoma City and Atlanta Olympics bombings. In , President Bill Clinton appointed Garland to the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, the second most influential court in the country, where he now serves as chief judge, pending the outcome of his nomination.

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Though, as Grassley indicated, Garland’s nomination will likely get bipartisan support, the I love hot moms shirt Besides,I will do this hearings will no doubt possess some indelible moments of political posturing. As Politico’s Marianne Levine noted this weekend, at least four of the Republican members of the Senate Judiciary CommitteeJosh Hawley, Ted Cruz, Ben Sasse, and Tom Cottonharbor presidential aspirations for , and these hearings could give them a stage to catapult their national brands.

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