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That being said, some chickens can handle colder than others Nicki Minaj these are bloody shirt. The easiest way to know that your chickens can handle negative temperatures is to look at their combs. Bantams and chickens from warmer climates, such as the Mediterranean breeds, have large combs to dissipate heat. While these birds will live through the cold, they may have comb damage. A bird-like the one below isn’t a great choice for a place where the temperatures get into negative numbers. On our farm, we have a large, insulated hen house with large house-size windows. We do not add any supplementary heat unless the temperatures get down to -15. Then, we add heat lamps and we do not let the birds out to pasture on those days, to minimize them going from warm to cold and back again. I haven’t had any frostbitten combs in years, even on my single-combed Marans.

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First, there are many airline polar routes that go over the northern polar regions of the Earth, it’s not a question of being too cold at all. Rather it’s a question of which route is the straightest from its point of origin to its destination. Generally, airlines try to avoid exactly crossing both poles as a means of reducing navigational inaccuracies. Remember, that the closer you get to the poles the tighter the positional coordinate tolerance becomes making it easier to go off course. The second part of this question is complete nonsense. It is not Okay for a commercial airliner to fly in space and a commercial airline pilot attempting to do so should really have their license revoked. It has nothing to do with the temperature of space either. Rather it has to do with the lack of air and the aircraft not being designed to operate in space. Thus aircraft design is the limiting factor. They are simply not designed to operate in the vacuum of space.


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