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includes the triple jumper wearing his Olympic medals. In terms of the artists he hopes to emulate, Claye lists Drake, Kendrick Lamar, Nipsey Hussle and Dr. Dre. “I want to be on that type of level, music-wise,” he says. “And I think because I’m an athlete, people kind of overlook that. “They think that I’m doing it just because I can as a hobby. But it’s not really a hobby for me. It’s something that really is from my soul.” Last year, following the postponement of Tokyo 2020, Claye combined his love for music and athletics into “Dreams Don’t Die” — a song that reflects on how athletes were forced to put their Olympic dreams on hold. It includes lines such as “four years straight, my eye’s been on the prize,” “it’s a lesson when dealing with father time,” and the refrain “dreams don’t die, they just multiply”; the accompanying music video is a montage of Claye and other athletes training and competing. READ: How a husband and wife navigated the ‘purgatory’ of a postponed Olympics “That was really how I was feeling, and it was something that I knew all Olympians were feeling,” he says. “This dream that we have — to be an Olympian, to be an Olympic medalist, to represent our countries, to go out and just lay it all on the playing field — is something that we dream of. We dream of those moments. “It almost seemed like the dream was just denied … but for it to be postponed — you know, you got to keep that energy

up.” And keeping up his energy is exactly what Claye has done. “This will be the first Olympics that I’ve had five years to prepare for,” he says, adding that he feels this is “one of the best Olympic buildups I’ve ever had.” Tokyo 2020 gets underway on July 23 and Claye will be hoping to win his first gold medal after twice finishing runner-up in the triple jump to countryman Christian Taylor. He also has a bronze medal from the long jump in 2012 when he became the first man since 1936 — and the first American since 1904 — to win Olympic medals in both the long jump and the triple jump. Claye competes in the men’s triple jump final at the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships. Behind Taylor and world record holder Jonathan Edwards, Claye’s personal best of 18 meters and 14 centimeters is fourth on triple jump’s all-time list. Having ruled out the prospect of a proper indoor season amid coronavirus restrictions, his focus is now on competing at meets in Southern California in April before preparation begins for the Olympic trials in June. Beyond that, he hopes to be able to travel overseas for competitions ahead of Tokyo. The Olympics are an event Claye holds dear, not only because of his medal-winning success, but also because he proposed to his wife, fellow Olympian Queen Harrison-Claye, at Rio 2016. The couple held an engagement ceremony in Sierra Leone, where Claye’s parents are from, before getting married in California in October 2018. “The feeling of me proposing was a better feeling than me being on the podium, honestly,” he says. “That’s something that will forever be a memory in my and my wife’s lives.” Claye proposes to Queen Harrison after winning silver at the 2016 Olympics. READ: Sprinter Yohan Blake says he would rather miss Olympics than get Covid-19 vaccine This year’s Olympics will likely be a more subdued affair for Claye compared to when he was encircled by a mass of spectators during his marriage proposal in Rio. Organizers say that

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Turners syndrome dominates awareness shirt

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