Oakland Athletics 2020 Al west division champions shirt

This didn’t involve me directly, but rather an Oakland Athletics 2020 Al west division champions shirt of mine when I worked as a branch manager at a car rental location some twenty years ago. It was a small branch with eight employees plus myself. One of my customer service reps called me to the counter and asked me to take a strange call saying it was a woman demanding I put Denise on the phone. Denise was an employee who cleaned and refueled the returned cars but was off work that day. My CSR said, “Whoever this is doesn’t believe Denise isn’t here and she’s yelling at me.” I told her to transfer the call to my office. When I picked up the call I said I’m the manager and asked what was this regarding. I dropped off my son and as soon as i got home his class teacher called me, at first i had a mini panic attack thinking something bad had happened, turned out she had given my son a new lunch pack and called me to tell me the price and that my son needed a new one and she had given him and he even told her he liked it. In her own words. Sadly the relationship didn’t work out for other reasons but we stayed friends. Not surprisingly, when he was sent overseas to Kuwait and Afghanistan with the National Guard it was MY mom and sisters and I that he wrote to when he missed home.

Oakland Athletics 2020 Al west division champions shirt

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Chicken whisperer halloween shirtI was the one that sent him hoodies bc in the desert in the summer 70 degrees feels cold at night. It was my mom’s pre-school class that “adopted” him and his unit sending cards, care packages and even a paper Christmas tree for the holidays. The inmates were hungry and so one of them flagged down a cop car and told them that they were all hungry. The cops took all the inmates to the station, fed them and then called the warden. Big surprise when those cops got back to an empty van. Bigger surprise when they got to the prison and a group of newspaper reporters were waiting to interview them. They tried to have the inmates changed with attempting to escape.

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