Official I caved my sisters head in with a big rock shirt

Now most importantly. Remember what you have observed. Let the Official I caved my sisters head in with a big rock shirt of observation be your main source for what you are seeking to learn from the past. And this is because what you have observed in the present is the best way to look at the past. If you don’t see it occurring in the present then look for a reason for why you should expect and accept that it was any different in the past. For example. Since you see that today we know that humans are born with skin, then if someone tells you this was different in the past because in the past humans had scales, then until you are shown humans with scales found fossilized reject this as nit so. One more, my mom has always been narcissistic and cruel to me, she fought me (physically) twice once when I was 13 and once when I was 24.I caved my sisters head in with a big rock s Hoodie

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I always was terrified of her anger. I never hit her back but I remember feeling more internal pain than physical. She also wouldn’t let me leave her house. She locked both doors with this hate-filled look on her face with her arms out just ready for any sudden movement. Those is just a few. She’s stolen from me. She’s manipulated family members and blame me for things that she was responsible for. I never remember my mom being around much growing up but when she was, it was like walking on eggshells. You simply remain friends, because they cannot be your enemy because people have the power to chose, who they want to be a part of their lives, and all you can do is be friends if that is possible or simply just set them free and become someone they used to know.

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