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Most people who find themselves homeless do not stay Official Dollar Dollar bill kirill shirt. They get back on their feet within a relatively short period of time. The chronic homeless choose to live on the streets because they dont want the responsibilities of working and paying bills. Maybe because of drugs, or other addictions, but nevertheless they simply like the lifestyle. A dear friend of mine busted her butt for hours to prepare an amazing meal; Beef Wellington, melting potatoes, asparagus with lemon and garlic, and an amazing looking New York style cheese-cake with home-made cherry sauce to top it. It all looked absolutely delicious, and smelled even better than it looked. There was appetizers and a salad with fresh Caesar’s Salad dressing and fresh baked croutons, etc. It was worthy of a magazine. All was fine and dandy and we were all having a good time until her idiot boyfriend who was so busy showing off his new tear gas grenade accidentally set it off. We had to quickly evacuate and a couple of our friends even had to spend the night in the hospital. Needless to say, the food was ruined. All the customers were behaving nicely and adhering to the rules; except one guy who thought they didn’t apply to him and decided to enter without permission.Official Dollar Dollar bill kirill shirt

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About five minutes later I was in the store and bumped into him and confronted him on his actions and explained why it was important…blah…blah…blah. He wasn’t having any of it and to cut a long story short, he called me rude because I was. This person was in charge of a study programme, and had taken some hair raising liberties in interpreting the official curriculum. Or shall we say, she was blissfully unaware of it, and experimented happily with teaching arrangements and content, much to the chagrin of the school’s administration, which was being threatened by the government with having its accreditation withdrawn. I tried to convince her to follow the school’s official and approved programme, but found myself going in circles with her, always ending up back with her unsuitable layout. She was essentially preventing me from instating the proper curriculum.Awa straight outta space hoodie

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