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The Wife said she loved her Husband but Official Joe Biden not my president shirt their marriage some Women where she worked told her the “first time”, would be bloody and painful. This preyed on her mind and on their wedding night she would not let her husband ,’do it’. He was very loving and he tried later, the next day the next week, but she always said no. As soon as I called out my District manager and CEO they immediately became defensive and said “focus on improving yourself and the organization as a whole and not other people”. I wonder if this is even legal? Yes I quit due to them taking advantage of customers and I’m not going to be a part of that…people have a lot going on in their lives(bills,kids,debt) and the last I want to do is make them feel like they are in danger and take even more money from them. What a sad world we live in. I did have a trans co-worker who was transitioning from a man to a woman.

Official Joe Biden not my president shirt

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How did I handle it? Our relationship went on like it always had. No real change. She was the exact same person she always was, just now being her authentic self. If anything, our relationship improved because she was finally being her authentic self and was happier. She was a co-worker who I really liked and whose skills I admired and valued. I worked hard to get her moved to my department and I was very pleased that I did…..she was a great fit with the rest of us and her skills served us very well. I was actually one of the first people she told at work that she was a woman and that she was transitioning. I was quite honored that she had that trust in me. But honestly, nothing changed between us. We were work friends before and we stayed work friends until we both eventually left the company. And we worked together in the same department for most of that time.

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