Official Not all who wander are lost shirt

Mostly they were people with mild learning Official Not all who wander are lost shirt, often 50 yrs plus, chronic mental illness and/or chronic alcoholism or drug addiction. They were vulnerable and lonely and unscrupulous people would befriend them and obtain access to their homes, either stealing sets of keys or charming their way into being given them. Then the owner (more usually tenant in social housing) would be gradually forced out, their money and possessions would be stolen or exploited, and they were often physically threatened or attacked. For some, even though they were ignored, their homes became places full of intoxicated, unpredictable, violent people living in squalor, coming and going and arguing and yelling at all hours, and they were too afraid to return. Some had their own keys forcibly taken from them and had been physically pushed out of the door. Some would only go back when they had no money, thus preventing it being stolen. A couple of times, local social services and the police cleared out the “cuckoos”, cleaned the place up, changed the locks, and reinstalled the original person back in their home. But it would all happen again if they weren’t closely supervised. Perfect said the owners because then they didn’t have to feel bad canceling our renewal because they wanted to move her son into our apartment. They came over, inspected and were delighted at how clean we left everything. Her son could move right in, she said. Okay great, how about our deposit. “We’ll mail it to you,” they said. As you know “we have 30 days under state law and 21 days if we happen to find anything we have to charge you for to get you an itemized list.

Not all who wander are lost shirt

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