Official Unleash the stoin shirt

My parents let me know just as I was graduating Official Unleash the stoin shirt high school they weren’t going to pay for my university. I had applied to a number of schools and got into all but one. I was at a loss though as I certainly didn’t have the money sitting in my account to pay for tuition and living expenses. Living at home whilst going to school was not an option either. What to do? My parents didn’t want to pay for my uni because they were convinced I would blow it and waste their money. Maybe they were right, maybe not. What I did know is that when I was awarded my degree four years later I did take a good deal of comfort in the knowledge that I had done it on my own and I was ready for the world of work and general adulting…mostly. Those who entered the building and destroyed things and stole deserve to be arrested. But thousands of BLM and Antifa trash that spent months destroying cities should have been arrested too. And the people that are crying the loudest about those at the Capitol never said a word about BLM and Antifa. Hypocrites. They politely asked for the car they had agreed on and were told some mistake had been made, and the salesman began making some offers. My friend politely thanked him, said he wanted his car back since the dealer had not fulfilled the agreement. The salesman refused, and kept trying to bargain something else. My friend asked several more times for his car to be returned and explained there was nothing to negotiate if the car they had agreed to in writing wasn’t there.

Official Unleash the stoin shirt

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