Oh the Virus outside is frightful but the wine is so delightful and since we’ve no place to go shirt

That’s not even getting into the science behind climate change not being conclusive Oh the Virus outside is frightful but the wine is so delightful and since we’ve no place to go shirt. “The climate is changing!” Yea, sure, but that’s a little bit of a facetious statement isn’t it? The climate of this planet has never been “stable” at any point in the planet’s entire history. There’s no notable increase in major storms on average, outlier single events are not indicative of an overall pattern change. We still don’t even know if we are going to warm up or head into a new ice age, which if you look at the history of the planet, seems like the more likely outcome in the future. The left doesn’t want to discuss these points though, their opinion is you either toe the line and agree 100% or you are a “denier” and thus so far below them mentally that the only thing they need to do is hysterically call names. There seems to be little room for an open discussion, and I don’t just blame the left for this the right is just as bad, but it happens.

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Oh the Virus outside is frightful but the wine is so delightful and since we’ve no place to go shirt

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The reality of the situation is both sides are needed. You need the dreamers and the realists, you need the designers and the builders, you need to alarmists and the deniers. But the important piece is you also need discussion. Dissent is the greatest strength of modern society, I know that seems ass-backward, but when one person questions another belief and a discussion is held, that’s how compromises are made and positions move forward in a direction that’s beneficial for The majority rather than a few people. If only one side (either side) was “driving the bus” the option is between a moderate or a radical, it’s the compromise, the discussion, the breaking down or working around of the barriers assembled by the other side that creates the ingenious solutions that have created the world we enjoy today. To answer the question: why are the discussions often so vicious, because the left wants us to give all the power to the government and trust it implicitly to come up with a plan that will better us all while giving up our entire way of life. It is idealism, which isn’t bad, it’s needed, but it’s rarely realistic.

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