The one where I’m Irish Saint Patrick’s Day shirt

That’s when it started to hit me. 3 tiers either side that had about 50 cells per and a common area, multipurpose room. We noticed inmates looking at us but that was it. I exhaust all my savings and had to borrow it from my parents to pay my rent but at the right time a job came through. I killed it at that company and my boss said so repeatedly. We were fine until he asked me to do something that completely violated my morals. Then I was fired after exactly seven months. Then, I figured I had to work for me. Fifteen months later I found a great company to buy and am now a millionaire and after fighting with suicidal thoughts at one point. Whether in the valley of the shadow of death or in green pastures I’m right where God wants me. My parents were hosting visitors for dinner. Half an hour before the guests were due an acquaintance of my mother called for coffee. Not wanting to be rude my mother invited her in, made coffee and asked me to sit with her (my mum still had to finish cooking the meal).

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