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I was teaching math classes at a private high school in Ontario. Many of the students at this high school were grade 12 students from China who were finishing high school there in order to continue on to University in Canada. The school has a dormitory for the foreign students which used to be a nurses’ residence, as the school complex is near a hospital. One of my students approached me after class saying she wanted to apologize for not performing well. She was tired, because recently she had become aware that her room had a ghost. I asked her why she thought there was a ghost there. She told me that every night after midnight she sees a shadow come into her room from the main hallway. The shadow is of a small child, which then sits on the floor in front of her bed, but she doesn’t know what it is doing.

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I thought about it for a minute, and decided it made sense—a former nurses’ residence could have also housed a few young children. I told her that unlike China, most ghosts in Canada are not angry—they are people who don’t realize that they are dead, so they just go about their daily business. Probably the ghost didn’t even know the student was there. I don’t know if she was reassured by this. About a week later she told me that her mother had sent some kind of herbal incense thing which she reported working to keep the ghost at bay. I felt a little sorry for the little ghost—he was probably just going into the room to play with his toys on the floor.

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