Paradoxshirt – Official Gnome Celtic Pride Scottish Blood in my veins shirt

To that end, the women chosen to be part of the game are more than mere mannequins. Selected by Yeomans to reflect what is happening in fashion at present, they represent a range of backgrounds, experiences, and age groups. Though the game will be offered in preview from December 1 to 9, afterward when users book a Supermodel, 5% of their purchase will be donated to a charity of the models’ choosing. Drest also pledges to match 50% of revenue earned by the Supermodels in-game and donate this to their respective causes. Vodianova’s Naked Heart Foundation supports children with special needs, while Shayk is giving to the Russian foundation, Pomogi, which assists the families of those in need of costly medical procedures. Huffine selected the Movemeant Foundation, a body positive organization that builds self confidence in young girls. Lee’s choice of BayGanda supports young girls’ academic and creative aspirations in Uganda, and Hammam serves as an ambassador for the nonprofit She’s the First, which is empowering female education worldwide.

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