Pardon my take best in the official t-shirt

Love bombing is Pardon my take best in the official t-shirt all fake. It is a bombardment of the human body with the so called love chemicals. And please, no matter the type of sick supply you give the narcissist, each victim will go through all the steps of narcissism which are love bombing and followed by devaluation and then the discard. I would dare say that narcissists prefer to be challenged. The victims that prove to be easy prey, that is the narcissist is idealized, the quicker the discard. So please be smart and do not fall for the traps that evil has in store for you. My then and soon to be ex-wife cleared out the two bedroom duplex of anything and everything including the refrigerator goods. I changed the locks on both the front and back doors plus replaced the padlock on the garage door.

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