Peace love dragons shirt

Can i say two years ago when i finished my high school and waited my diploma , i got a F at math ( i hate math what should i do ) because of that i was scared that i wouldn’t get a diploma and that i will never go to school . my dram is to go to college and get educate . mom told me to pray to Allah and i did i told him everything and Allah knows everything he watch me all the tims without judging me , i asked him Allah you say in your Holly book Qur’an that you would help any student that want to educate and benefit others with his or her education
i ask you Allah to help me , to let me have a diploma. I prayed and every day i ask him . (we have a time to get our diploma wich is two months ) foe those months i asked and talked and prayed . my school told me we can’t do anything about it , you can do it next year and then you will have a new diploma. After two months i go to high school and guess what ! I got my diploma !!! I was so happy that i could fly .
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