Peaceminusone Shirt – Lays christmas 2021 shirt

I don’t know why my husband and I thought this was a good idea, because he was also in graduate school, but he thought, “Let’s have a kid. We have no money. I’m living in New York, you’re living in Princeton, I have two years of graduate studies, you have one. Let’s have a kid.” My son was born between my first and year of graduate studies. One night early in the fall, after I returned to school, I had this infant, and I had my homework, and I looked at my hair, and I thought of how many hours it took me to care for it. And I realized: Something has to go. It can’t be the kid—there’s rules about that. [laughs] It can’t be my studies. So the obvious thing was my hair. That’s really the story, it’s just that simple.

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