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“To me, wearing makeup is almost like a sense of armor that can be wielded whichever way I want, as a completely transformative form of self-expression,” he wrote in an Interview article. “One of the reasons I love doing other people’s makeup so much is because, as a very self-conscious person, I know how liberating the tiniest cosmetic can make you feel. So, when you’re able to accentuate the beauty someone has within themselves that they perhaps weren’t able to see, it’s kind of magical.”Though Harry and Peter were very much a package, as they moved from teenagers to young adults, they would begin to set themselves apart. Harry became the more daring fashion plate of the two. He was an experimental fashion maximalist. His hairstyles were ever evolving: He would grow it long or frame his face with fallen strands for added drama. He was known for playing with makeup, and was often seen wearing a metallic cat eye or rouged cheeks.

Rip Helen Mccrory T-Shirt

In September 2015, Harry and his brother launched a line of unisex makeup at At the age of 16 in 2013, Harry attended the Met Gala wearing an intricately embroidered Yves Saint Laurent jacket and a smoky eye. He would come to hold his own at dinner parties and he would drop one-liners with a flair reminiscent of Oscar Wilde, whom he cited as an influence. “From now on when people ask me what I ‘do,’ I’m just gonna say icon,” Brant once said.MAC, and the collection was expanded the following year. They were strategic to use unassuming packaging so as to not scare the boys away. They cited finding makeup at their guy friend’s apartment, who claimed it belonged to a girl who had left it behind, as inspiration. They wanted men to embrace the world of cosmetics and hoped to shed the idea that makeup was for women.

Rip Helen Mccrory T-Shirt Hoodie den

His adulation of his mother was fierce. Throughout interviews and his own social media accounts, he expressed a deep knowledge of his mother’s modeling oeuvre. He would cite his favorite photos of her and wax poetic on their broader cultural impact—his Instagram account was rich with behind-the-scenes tidbits he received from his mother.After graduating from Rye Country Day School in New York, he enrolled at Bard College and started contributing regularly to Interview magazine (of which his father is the publisher) in 2013. In speaking with Marc Jacobs for a recent Interview piece, on the topic of living in a bubble, Harry quipped, “Born and raised.”His contributions to the publication revealed a knowledge beyond his years. He gobbled up the access to artists and models he was granted from his tony position in life and immersed himself in it. A recent piece of his included an interview with Kenny Scharf, the artist who reigned over the 1980s East Village club scene.

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