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Last month, Demi Moore opened the show at Kim Jones’s debut couture collection for Fendi. Although the actor was followed down the runway by the likes of Naomi Campbell and Bella Hadid, it was Moore who had people talking thanks, in large part, to her seemingly accentuated cheekbones and lips.

Behind Every Good Woman Are A Lot Of Animals Shirt

I’ve had to remind myself that healing is a journey, with good days and bad days. Sometimes we can proactively reprocess painful memories and sometimes I just need to respond to the current chaos of life. There are days when I cannot center myself and the “noise” in my head and body are too overwhelming, so my therapist is gentle as we cocreate an experience that feels safe. We discuss the present rather than delving deeper into the past, and she helps me to utilize some of the inner resources I’ve developed through EMDR. On good days, when I can relax and tune in, I see a light at the end of the tunnel and a future where EMDR can help me to unburden myself of past trauma and access my own innate healing wisdom.

Behind Every Good Woman Are A Lot Of Animals Shirt hoodiee

Her “new” look sparked endless discussion on social media, and the press speculated on procedures the 58-year-old star may have undergone to achieve this apparently altered face. Was it filler? Buccal fat removal? Just some intense contouring? Like so many other stars, musicians, and models over the years who have committed the crime of aging in the public eye, the details of Moore’s transformation were pored over, side-by-side photographs scrutinized and dissected.

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