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Actually, there is no temperature that is too cold for snow as temperatures below absolute zero are impossible Rihanna retro vintage shirt. Yes it is true that colder air holds less moisture and hence the snowflakes will be smaller but they will still be there. I have experienced snow at -58 deg C there wasn’t much but it was falling. Its properties are also much different. It feels like sandpaper under your skin and there is no glide. What often happens at cold temperatures is the conditions aren’t right for making snow. There has to be saturated air and the correct temperature gradient and thermal currents that lift saturated air from lower elevations and carry it up to higher elevations. When it is very cold there are not uplifting currents because it is colder down on the ground. It sounds like the original question was asked by an American who knows little about geography.

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With proper winter clothing, you will be just fine, but you must take winter clothing seriously. And – ensure that you have clothing adequate to not just getting between heated buildings quickly, but also getting out and enjoying winter, as winter is very enjoyable if you are properly equipped – and doing so is imperative to a healthy life in Canada. I live in an area where very many of my neighbors are fairly recent immigrants who have come from much warmer climates. They are managing fine, but I am disappointed to observe that very few of them are getting out of the house to enjoy the outdoors during the cold months. While I understand their reluctance, I am concerned about the long-term health effects for them and their children of failing to get adequate fresh air and exercise. I have noticed that immigrants, particularly from India, place a very high value upon their children’s formal education, but do not show much interest in having their children participate in winter sports and activities.

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