The Rolling Stones If you can’t be kind be quiet autism awareness shirt

She also went to sleep, while I played quietly in my little bed. I was young, and don’t remember now why I made the decision I made, but I slipped out of bed and out of the house, and ran down to my granny’s house, headed straight for those eggs. I reached the back yard, and climbed over the chain link fence. I reached into the nest of eggs, and grabbed one, and I’ll be darned if that egg didn’t explode all over me. My granny was right, it was a horrible smell, and so gooey and nasty and I began to cry and yell. My granny heard me and looked out the kitchen window. She came running with a towel and took me into the house and put me in the tub and cleaned me up. In the mean time, my mother had woke up and missed me, and in a panic she came, holding both of my brothers, down to granny’s house.

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