I run on hot cocoa and Christmas cheer shirt

Money and fame can buy you privileges that ordinary citizens can’t. I didn’t agree with this idea but, everyone just extended the privilege that already existed for another type of artist also to an idol. Of course bts big success influenced this decision, but it’s not a brand new law just for. These youngsters are boosting the South Korean economy, churning billions in revenues so for the good of the South Korean people and their economy, a few years of deferment is worth it. Especially during this period. It’s not about privileges or what money can buy. Oh please cancel their deferment and station them separately all over the map there no such thing as everyone are equal in this world. Stop fighting for that delusion and find peace with what you have. Calm down. South Korean government is considering the interest and business of their country. It’s just a postponement. and Is ready to serve when the time comes. I didn’t think they would actually change the rule, but I assume it’s because they’re bringing in a lot of money to Korea’s economy being so popular/top of the Billboard charts. Plus boosting interest in tourism and in studying the language. Remember it’s only a deferment of two years and it’s only training, not active duty. I am an and I also looking forward to them to serve their country which every Korean man do. Other K-pop artists went through this kind of system. Did not ask for an exemption it was the government who passed the bill because they saw what can do to their country.

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I run on hot cocoa and Christmas cheer shirt

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