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After having the most delicious albeit spicy dinner at their house I inevitably had to San Francisco 49Ers lady sassy classy and a tad bad assy shirt for the directions to their restroom. They both shot each other a look and tried to hide a laugh but too late I’d caught it and looking from one to the other knowing how there are a lot of pranksters in my family, especially the older ones, I wanted answers. My cousin’s and everyone else in the room burst out into laughter. My uncle began to explain it was just up the stairs and which door to go through and well not to be shocked when I saw the size of the toilet. The size? My uncle is 6 ft jack the beanstalk, it must be huge! He warned me to sit just right on it or there would be a mess everywhere. My aunt began to apologize profusely for their toilet and was embarrassed they’d not changed it years ago but it had somehow become a joke in the house and thus in the bathroom it still remained and I was to be it’s next victim. Up the stairs I went, looking back down upon a bunch of laughing and waiting faces. Still incredibly wary of my family and their pranks, I twisted the door handle to the bathroom quickly and nudged it opened with my toe, quickly stepping to the side in case something was supposed to fall on my head. So I debated on how bad I really had to go. I mean I reallly debated it. Alas, letting out a huff, I was going to be initiated into my aunt and uncle’s house by their toilet!!! Balancing myself over this toilet for an ant, I thought to myself they must have incredible balance from doing this for years and quickly had to expunge thoughts of my family squatting over a toilet from my mind because there are some things you can never unsee.

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