Santa claus There’s Some Hos In This House shirt

That was a nasty assumption. I wear a headscarf as Santa claus There’s Some Hos In This House shirt, and majority of people assume i music be an immigrant/possibly refugee because they can’t see me as a UK national. He must have thought a non-White can’t afford an expensive house which is ridiculous to me. That to me was a microaggression that i should have reported him for, rather than being the bigger person and letting it slide. The most hilarious thing that happened was a deer walked in the front doors of the grocery side and went straight to produce like it knew where it was going, it began to eat, our produce manager chased the poor thing back to dairy and tackled it (ex-military) he and another associate carried the poor thing out the back doors and released it, it only suffered a slightly bloody nose. The produce manager was teased mercilessly for a very long time for injuring his best customer.

Santa claus There’s Some Hos In This House shirt

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Grinch Teacher Christmas shirtPart of my duties in my position at a large retail company is identifying shoplifters and then apprehending them as they attempt to walk out out with unpaid merchandise. We have a million dollar surveillance system and when I stop someone, I am always 100% positive that the person stole. No guessing, no assuming- complete and objective proof that they stole or else I don’t stop them. Period. This has got to be the most offensive and disrespectful thing they can say. Why? Because they are accusing me of racial profiling which I am not. But what makes this worse is while they’re blaming me for that, they themselves are racial profiling me. They are saying because I’m white- based solely on my skin color- they profiled me and assumed that therefore since I’m white I must be discriminating against them since all whites discriminate against blacks and profile blacks in their mind.

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