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So by reformulating existing relativity and quantum mechanics axioms in an Euler graph-based geometric structure that does permit scale invariance, the Santa’s favorite Birdwatcher cute bird Christmas shirt is in the first place but the problematic notion of singularity is replaced by the mathematically tractable result of congruency which poses no computational difficulties at all, and quantum mechanics and general relativity calculations play out together in a quite marvelous harmony within this structure. Besides the other two answers, general relativity does not have the uncertainty principle built-in. Insofar as the uncertainty principle is thought to be fundamental to the universe, general relativity is necessarily incomplete. By imitating general relativity and considering quantum field theory in curved space-time, gives only a first approximation to quantum gravity and does not solve the renormalization problem. But the fog in our understanding of special relativity started clearing, the amount I learned through the debate was phenomenal and it was great to hear the other arguments. Together the problem was broken down piece by piece and our understanding became much clearer! You are breaking the problem down into bite-size chunks you want to tackle- This makes the problem far easy to handle and it enables us to locate where the disagreement is.

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