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My parents told me time and again temporary welfare is good Santa’s favorite Birdwatcher cute bird Christmas shirt, and permanent welfare is good for the very sick, but with it comes the lazy, nonproductive people who are burdens to society and that those people, if put on welfare, will most likely stay on it forever and pass it down generationally. The mindset was to keep them where they are, and they will be enslaved forever, they won’t rise above it, thus allowing for a bigger piece of the pie for the rest of us. There was a racial component to that mindset as well. Not blatant hatred, just typical stereotyping. I also realized that most of the democrats I knew were quite prejudiced. Whereas, the conservatives (not republicans, per se), were not as much. The disclaimer here is that the conservatives I knew were decent, religious people, and I never ever once heard a racial slur from a single one (then).

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Santa’s favorite Birdwatcher cute bird Christmas shirt

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I took polls with my students and found that most agreed that if there were stricter rules to get and stay on welfare, that they would be more motivated to get off the system, break the cycle, etc. And most of them said the reason they were in school was to get off welfare. The rest said they were there to prove to the government that they were trying, therefore they could get more assistance. And some admitted using the system for school, getting a job, quitting, having another kid, and going back on the system. Some actually returned a second and third time for new career training (ie. Medical assistant, dental assistant, medical biller) on the government’s dollar, only to end up back on welfare. I’m fairly liberal with everything else and/or don’t care enough to discuss it. But this is my biggest reason for being a conservative. Less welfare, stricter rules. If you’ve graduated HS, and can read, write, walk, talk…get a job, keep the job, do well on the job, don’t get preggers, go to school PT while working, or do so well that you climb the ladder.


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